Should I advertise?

YES!   If you want to grow your business and make more money, you need to advertise.  Competitors are likely working to attract your customers right now, so you need to be sure your business brand has "Top of Mind Awareness" (TOMA) with Pine Belt consumers.

When you select an advertising medium, you're buying an audience to create and maintain that awareness.  When you advertise on Pine Belt Radio, you are "renting the ears" of thousands of radio listeners throughout the Pine Belt to tell your story to tell your story.

Advertising is an investment in success that creates traffic in your business, boosts the morale of your employees and creates and maintains "Top of Mind Awareness" (TOMA) for your brand.

Advertising gives your business a successful image!   Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers.

Is radio right for me?

Radio is the number one reach medium in America according to recent studies. Radio reaches more Americans each week than any other platform!

If radio were invented today, it would be the hottest thing out there, because it's everywhere, it's free, uses no data bandwidth, and you can take it with you everywhere you go!  People today are always "on the go" and so is radio!

--Consistent radio advertising creates top of mind awareness ("TOMA") for your business!

--Radio's unique formats allow you to target your best prospects. 

--Radio reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase.

--Radio drives people to research your business online. 

--Radio maximizes the return on your total media campaign.  Radio REINFORCES the messages consumers receive. 

--Radio advertising positively impacts bottom lines sales.


Why should I choose Pine Belt Radio/Blakeney Communications stations?

Here in the Laurel-Hattiesburg metro area, locally owned and operated Blakeney Communications radio stations are consistently among the top-rated and most listened-to radio stations!

The signals of our top two market dominant stations, reach nearly half a million potential listeners.

Some of our corporate competitors have eliminated virtually all local morning shows and DJ's, replacing many dayparts with syndicated shows originating from several states away from the Pine Belt!   In the 32 years that Pine Belt Radio has been locally owned and operated by Blakeney Communications, virtually every newspaper,  TV Station and most radio stations have changed hands (some several times) and many are now owned by big corporations from other states.  Your ad dollars on most other advertising media leave the Pine Belt at the speed of light (or electrons), 186,000 miles per second!

From day one, Pine Belt Radio has been 100% Mississippi owned and operated with every share owned by Pine Belt residents!  Your ad dollars stay right here in the Pine Belt and help support our local economy!

How do I get started?

You'll find the answers to basic questions at

You'll also find contact info for our Pine Belt Radio Marketing Professionals who can help you get started.

 Feel free to contact our General & Sales Manager, Debbie Blakeney, at 601-545-0095 or 601-649-0095.  She'll be happy answer any additional questions and put you in touch with one of our Radio Marketing Professionals either in your area or one most familiar with your line of business who will be happy to perform a free customer marketing analysis for you. 

Just answer a few questions and tell us what you want to accomplish, and we'll put together a game plan with no obligation on your part!  We'll present a recommended radio schedule so you can "rent all those ears" and tell your story!

We'll also present some ideas for an effective, attention-getting commercial to tell that story, create traffic and build "Top of Mind Awareness" of your business name or brand!

What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?

Not being fully committed to growing your business with a great advertising game plan.

Almost any business can get all the customers they need by "owning the airwaves" of the right radio stations for their business, but some advertisers throw in the towel before giving the game plan a fair chance to yield measurable, long-term results.

 A consistent advertising schedule will create "top of mind awareness" with Pine Belt consumers and can be very cost-effective compared to other media that are rapidly losing ground and effectiveness when compared to radio.

Make a radio advertising game plan and stay with it all year long!   Consistent, long-term radio advertising that keeps your business "top of mind" with consumers will grow and help maintain your slice of the "Pine Belt Pie" (market share).

I want to build my business.  What do you suggest?

Meet with one of our Pine Belt Radio Marketing Professionals to do an in-person marketing analysis interview. Then we'll get to work on a game plan to grow your business with effective radio advertising that tells your story and targets potential customers!


What's the best way to advertise?

Except for a special event that requires a short "saturation" type schedule; consistent, steady advertising throughout the year, will achieve the goal of creating "top of mind awareness" of your business among Pine Belt consumers!


How long does it take for advertising to begin working?

It's kind of like pushing a car or launching a rocket into space.  It stars very slowly, but builds momentum.  Once you get it going, it's much easier to maintain that momentum and continue gaining new customers and growing your market share.


What is TOMA?

TOMA ("top-of-mind awareness") is one of the most important concepts in radio advertising and requires consistent advertising throughout the year.  Not everyone who's listening needs your product or service today, but when they do, we'll help to keep your business and UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITON "top of mind" with Pine Belt consumers and the first one they call or visit!

The goal is to position your business for "top of mind recall" with as many potential customers as possible.

What should I say in my commercial?

Ask yourself, "Why would someone do business with me?  What makes me a better choice than my competitors?  What makes us special?  What is our Unique Selling Proposition?"

What would be your strength versus your competitor's weakness?

We want to "position" your product in the consumer's mind with a very simple, easy to remember message makes a lasting impression in the mind.

 A marketing analysis with one of our radio marketing professionals can help us fine-tune and simplify your message so we can write and create a great commercial that showcases your Unique Selling Proposition and positions your business in the mind of the listener for easy recall.

Our ultimate goal is to help grow your business so that you own a bigger market share.  We want you to have a bigger slice of the Pine Belt pie!

 How do I guarantee success?

A long-term, consistent advertising plan with a well-thought-out message will create the "Top of Mind Awareness" and consumer recall of your "brand".


I'm a retailer.  What's best for me?

Sales event advertising can bring customers into your store in the short term, and we can certainly help create compelling sale spots that get results; but a consistent, long-term advertising plan (12 months recommended) with a well-targeted message will yield long-term results and create top of mind awareness.


I'm not a retailer.  What's best for me?

CONSISTENCY!  A consistent advertising approach to build "top of mind awareness" (TOMA) will keep your message (Unique Selling Proposition) in the consumer's mind when the day comes that they need your product or service. 

Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, plumber or cleaning service, a well-written radio commercial that tells your story and Unique Selling Proposition will make your name the first that comes to mind when our listener needs your service!  Whatever your business, you'll own the "franchise of the mind" for your business category here in the Pine Belt.

We recommend a long-term consistent advertising plan with a minimum of 4 radio ads per day.

I'm having an event.  Should I advertise?

Special event advertising works best with 8 to 12 commercials a day per station for a minimum of 3 days!  Let us create an attention-getting, compelling ad for your event.


What about television and cable advertising?

Producing an effective television commercial that doesn't look cheap and amateurish can cost thousands of dollars, and prime time placement can cost hundreds of dollars for just one TV spot!

Effective television advertising with good placement and frequency can be very expensive.

We've read about research studies showing that as many as 70 to 80 percent of people sitting in front of a TV are actually looking at their smart phone or tablet instead of the television.

Even if the TV is on, what good is an expensive commercial and very expensive prime time placement if they're not even watching the screen?

What is imagery transfer?

If you've been using TV as an advertising medium, consider using the audio from your TV ad or allow us to write a similar script that will help you benefit from "imagery transfer". 

Studies have shown that most consumers who've been repeatedly exposed to your TV spot, will visually see your TV ad while hearing your radio ad at a fraction of the cost!

(Assuming that they were actually watching your TV spot instead of their smart phone or tablet!)

What about newspaper advertising?

Newspaper was great in 1895 or even in 1995 when people had time to sit down and read it, but newspaper doesn't play as well in today's digital, mobile, fast-paced world of tablets and smart phones.  Most newspaper articles are ancient history by the time the newspaper reaches your home, and we find ourselves scanning the paper for only a couple of minutes before quickly returning to our tablets or smart phones for "today's breaking news".

If it only take a couple of minutes to scan today's "thrice weekly" newspaper before we put it down and pick up our tablet or smartphone for breaking news, how long do you really think each person is going to spend looking at your small but expensive newspaper ad?

What about Yellow Pages?

We've noticed that people today are much more likely to search for a business on the internet than take the time to look it up in the Yellow Pages.

It would probably take them longer to find the phone book than it does to find a business number online.

What about billboards?

The most effective billboards say "turn here" or "next exit".  It's difficult to tell your story to someone who's passing it for 5 seconds at 70 miles per hour.

It's even more difficult to tell your story in 5 seconds on today's digital LED billboards that rotate lots of advertisers on the same board.

You'll pay a lot for just one billboard at one intersection in the Pine Belt, but with Pine Belt Radio you can reach consumers in up to 14 counties (up to 22 counties with our most powerful stations) at home, at work and in the car for 30 to 60 seconds at a time.

What about other radio stations?

Radio is the number one reach medium and we're big fans of radio!  If there's another radio station outside our company that would be more effective for your company, we'll gladly recommend them to you.


What's a positioning statement?

All successful marketers use a positioning statement.  A positioning statement separates you from your competitors, and reminds consumers of what makes you special. 

A positioning statement is a simple 3 to 5 word phrase (less is more) that creates a position in the mind of the consumer that accentuates your strengths (and Unique Selling Proposition) for long-term "top of mind awareness".

You can use your positioning statement in all of your advertising (radio, TV, print).  Just remember to keep it simple (3 to 5 words work best) and be sure it focuses on your unique selling proposition.

What is image advertising?

Image Advertising is telling your story in a way that creates a favorable image or impression of your business in the mind of the consumer (our listener).

We'll accentuate your Unique Selling Proposition and Positioning Statement in an effective radio ad that positions your brand in the mind of the consumer creating long-term "top of mind awareness" of your business!

Our goal is for your business to own the "franchise of the mind" for your product category.

What is branding?

Branding is creating a memorable impression of your business in the mind of the consumer.  The goal is to present your positioning statement and "Unique Selling Proposition" to help our listeners understand why you're a better choice than your competitors.


How does a buying cycle affect my business?

All consumers have needs that create buying cycles.  They may not need your product or service today, but sooner or later they will.  When that time comes, you want them to remember your name first!

A consistent, long-term radio advertising program with effective radio ads will create "Top of Mind Awareness" in the mind of the consumer.  When he or she suddenly needs your product or service, your name will be the first one that comes to mind.

What's a radio demographic?

It's a particular segment of the population who listens to a particular radio station. We'll try to match our radio station and dayparts to the target demographic most likely to buy your product or service.


What is "reach and frequency"?

Reach and Frequency are radio adverting terms that indicate how many people your commercial will reach ("reach") and how often they'll hear your commercial ("frequency").  Research shows that if most of a radio station's audience hears your ad 3 times, you will make a significant impression that will result in traffic and sales!

This is the magic term known as a "frequency of three" that always seems to make an ad work.

I tried advertising once and it didn't work.  Why would it work this time?

Advertising success depends on following some basic rules.  If you have a well-thought-out, well-written, creative message to tell your story that includes your Unique Selling Proposition and Positioning Statement, and you tell that story with adequate "reach and frequency" on the radio stations that reach your target demographic, then your chances of success increase exponentially over poorly conceived, short-term "packages" offered by spot peddlers of radio stations which may or may not be effectively targeting your key demographic.

Here are the questions you need to ask to determine why your advertising didn't work:

Did your long-term advertising feature at least 4 ads per day during your radio flights?

Did your special event advertising showcase 8 to 12 ads per day for at least 3 days?

Did your radio advertising schedule achieve a "frequency of three"?

Did you advertise on the top-rated local radio stations that reach your target demographic (or did you buy the "cheapest" spot package from a station reaches a tiny fraction of the target audience)?

Besides having a well-written ad, these are the main factors that determine the success of an ad campaign.

What is Co-op Advertising?

A Co-op Advertising Plan is offered by many product vendors who may be willing to pay up to 50% of the cost of your radio advertising if you follow their basic Co-op Advertising Guidelines.

Our Radio Marketing Professionals may be able to check with the Radio Advertising Bureau to see if any of your vendors offer a Radio Advertising Co-op Plan.

What is cause-related marketing?

This is a way of promoting your business in a "soft-sell" approach while at the same time providing support to a favorite non-profit organization, cause or event.  You basically underwrite a public service type announcement on our stations for a cause or organization that you believe in or support.  You not only help the organization, but your business reaps "good will" from the listeners who appreciate your community awareness and support as a sponsor of the cause, organization or event.


I don't have a large budget.  What do you suggest?

Please contact one of our Radio Marketing Professionals.  We may be able to tailor an effective radio advertising campaign within your budget.  If we can't make an effective ad campaign work within your budget, we'll certainly try to be honest with you and offer any other advertising recommendations that might benefit your business.


What is drive time?

Morning drive = 6 AM to 10 AM Weekdays

Afternoon Drive = 3 PM to 7 PM Weekdays

Midday = 10 AM to 3 PM Weekdays

Evenings = 7 PM to Midnight

Overnight = Midnight to 6 AM

Weekends 6 AM to 12 Midnight Saturdays & Sundays


Should I advertise during nights and weekends?

Buying a "Run of Station" (ROS) or "Total Audience Plan" (TAP) can be much more cost effective than buying drive time only.  Lots of our listeners work night and weekend shifts, and lots of other listeners are listening to our radio stations while running weekend errands.  Many of our listeners have the radio on out by the pool, the grill or in the workshop on evenings and weekends.

There's less radio advertising during evenings and weekends, so your commercials stand out more than usual.

Is there a charge for a Radio Marketing Professional to meet with me?

No!  There is absolutely no charge to meet with a Pine Belt Radio Marketing Professional and they'll be happy to do a marketing analysis and proposal with no obligation to buy anything.


What is a unique selling proposition?

Your "Unique Selling Proposition" is a feature or benefit of your product or service that customers can associate with your business.  The Unique Selling Proposition makes you stand out from the competition.

Your Unique Selling Proposition can be incorporated into your "positioning statement" or "slogan" that listeners will hear over and over again and associate with your business.

Does it cost money to produce a radio commercial?

No.  Production is free and we don't charge you extra to produce an effective radio commercial that works for your business.


Who makes my commercial?

Pine Belt Radio will be happy to produce a creative, attention-getting commercial or we can suggest an outside production house if you want that ad agency sound with lots of bells and whistles.

 We have some pretty talented voices and audio production pro's on staff, and we also have quick access to professional writers, voice over talent, voice actors and audio production services from around the country who can help us create agency quality radio ads for local Pine Belt businesses!

Production and talent are free for ads that run on our stations.  If we produce your commercial "in house" and you want to air it on other radio stations in addition to our stations, there is usually no extra charge or talent fee if you are regular, consistent advertiser of Pine Belt Radio!

Our mission is to create top quality advertising that creates traffic for your business!

How long does it take to get a commercial on the radio?

We can usually get your message on the air in 24 to 48 hours.


How do I know which station is right for my business?

One of our Radio Marketing Professionals will be happy recommend which of our stations might work best in telling your story to your target audience.


How much is radio?

Radio is one of the most affordable advertising platforms in the Pine Belt and gives you more bang for your buck than other media options.


Should I hire an ad agency?

If your budget is large enough to hire an ad agency with extensive creative resources, there are some very talented agencies out there who can develop a multi-media ad campaign.

However, for most businesses here in the Pine Belt, an advertising agency may be way too expensive.

Should I have a jingle?

Dr. Oliver Sacks, a world renowned neurologist, said that "music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other human experience."  Sacks was famous for his treatment of the 1920's "sleeping sickness" patients that became the basis of the book and motion picture "Awakenings" starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. 

Whether radio is your primary advertising medium or you’re using other electronic media, a great advertising jingle that has people singing along can really tie all of your advertising together.  You can probably still sing the lyrics to Coke and McDonald's jingles that you heard decades ago!

If you're willing to invest in a musical image campaign, we'll reward you for your commitment.

We work with some of the top jingle producers in the country, and we'll be happy to show you how you can have a custom jingle for free.  If you commit to a qualifying 12 month advertising schedule, we'll cover the cost of your custom produced jingle with bonus radio ads, making the net cost of your jingle "zero".

What is a "Custom Marketing Analysis" (Custom Needs Analysis)?

This is the worksheet used to discover your needs and find out if we can help you achieve your marketing goals.  One of our radio marketing professionals will be happy to meet with you one-on-one for a free, no obligation marketing analysis.


What's a "Custom Marketing Plan"?This is our free marketing recommendation or "game plan" for your business based an interview by our Radio Marketing Professional.  This plan will be based exclusively on your goals and needs and will be designed to help grow your business.


What are your payment terms / credit policies?

We accept cash, check and most credit cards.  We are also pleased to extend payment terms with approved credit.

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