AM Drive (Morning Drive)

The morning show that airs from 6 AM to 10 AM, Monday through Friday, on most radio stations.


Afternoon Drive (PM Drive)

The afternoon radio show that airs from 3 PM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday.


Average Quarter-Hour Persons (AQH Persons)

The average number of persons listening to a particular radio station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute (or quarter-hour) period.


Average Quarter-Hour Rating (AQH Rating)

The Average Quarter-Hour Persons estimate expressed as a percentage of the population being measured.

AQH Persons

Population x 100 = AQH Rating (%)


Audience Composition

The demographic profile of a radio station's audience.



A commercial position in which a radio spot can be scheduled.



Radio commercials that are schedule to air in the best time slot available. 



A group of radio stations in the same market under the same ownership or sales management.


Cost Per Point /Cost Per Rating Point (CPP)

The cost of reaching an Average Quarter-Hour Persons audience that is equivalent to one percent of the population in a given demographic group.

Cost of Schedule

        GRP's               = Cost Per Point (or Cost Per Rating Point)


Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

The cost of delivering 1,000 gross impressions.


Cost of Schedule

     GI                         x 1,000  =  CPM


Coverage Area

The geographic area covered by the radio signal of a specific station.


Cume Persons

The total number of different persons who tune to a radio station during the course of a daypart for at least five minutes.



The time segments into which a day is divided for the purpose of measuring a radio audience and for selling radio advertising.   The primary radio listening dayparts are morning drive (AM drive), midday, afternoon drive (PM drive), evening and overnight.


Demo (or Target Demo)

The age group or demographic make-up of the audience that you would like to hear your radio ad.


Equal Rotation (Equal Distribution)

Ensuring that scheduled radio spots are evenly distributed or aired across the various dayparts or time periods.



The radio daypart that airs from 7 PM to Midnight, Monday through Friday.


Exclusive Cume

The number of different persons who listen to only one station during the daypart.


Fixed Position

A commercial scheduled to run at a precise time, or a commercial scheduled to run within a specific radio program.



An advertising campaign, usually with a certain theme and targeting a given product category, that runs for a given period of time.  A flight usually runs for a few weeks followed by a period of no activity until the next advertising campaign begins.



The average number of times a person is exposed to a radio spot schedule.

       GI  (Gross Impressions)         =        Frequency

                 Net Reach

A frequency of 3 is considered the magic number of impressions an advertiser needs to make on each listener to be successful.



A radio schedule that places more commercials on days of the week that have less demand.  A frontload schedule, say Sunday through Tuesday or Sunday through Wednesday, can be both effective (less ad clutter to cut through) and more cost effective (less demand) for many advertisers while delivering excellent gross impressions and frequency that get results!


Gross Impressions (GI's)

The sum of the Average Quarter-Hour Persons audience for all spots in a given schedule.

AQH Persons  X   Number of Spots in Ad Schedule  =   GI's


Gross Rating Points (GRP's)

The sum of all rating points achieved for a particular spot schedule.

AQH Rating  X   Number of Spots in Ad Schedule   =  GRP's


Live Read

Announcements that are read "live" on the air by a radio personality.



A geographical ratings area that generally includes the major cities in a radio market and the counties in which they are located. Eastlan Ratings defines the Laurel-Hattiesburg, Mississippi Metro Area as Forrest, Lamar and Jones Counties (The three counties in which Laurel, Hattiesburg and several other cities and towns in the trade area are located).



Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM.


Morning Drive (AM Drive)

The morning show that airs from 6 AM to 10 AM, Monday through Friday, on most radio stations.


Net Reach

The number of different persons reached in a given radio ad schedule.


Optimum Effective Scheduling (OES)

An ad purchasing concept devised to reach a majority of a radio station's audience three or more times in a week by scheduling commercials evenly from Monday through Sunday from 6 AM to Midnight.



Two commercials for the same advertiser scheduled to air back to back.


PM Drive (Afternoon Drive)

The afternoon radio show that airs from 3 PM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday.


Pre-emptible Spot

A class of radio commercial that might be displaced by a higher priced commercial or for some other reason.


Rating (AQH or Cume)

The audience expressed as a percentage of the total population.

Listeners      X    100   =   Rating (%)




Sales Representative (also known as account executive or radio marketing professional) who sells radio advertising to an advertiser or advertising agency.


Run of Schedule (ROS)

Radio commercials that are scheduled to run across multiple dayparts and days.  An ROS schedule usually airs Monday through Friday between 6 AM and 12 Midnight.



The distribution of commercials across a section of days and hours within the time period of the ad schedule.



When two or more radio stations broadcast the same programs and same commercials at the same times.



The percentage of those listening to radio in the Metro who are listening to a particular radio station.

AQH Persons to a Station                                   X   100  =    Share (%)

AQH Persons Listening to Radio ("Total")



The purchase of a specific radio program or feature (such as sponsoring a newscast, weather, etc or any other featured service or program).  The advertiser is usually identified as the sponsor.  The sponsorship may include a few seconds of script/copy points about the advertiser and/or a commercial.


TOMA ("Top of Mind Awareness")

The concept of achieving a high level of recognition ("becoming a household name") with a radio audience. 


Time Spent Listening (TSL)

An estimate of the amount of time e average listener spent with a station (or total radio) during a particular daypart.


Hours in a Time Period     X      AQH Persons      =     TSL in Hours

                                Cume Persons


Total Audience Plan (TAP)

A radio advertising schedule that places ads in all dayparts to maximize the radio station audience exposure to the ad.


Target Demo 

A specific age group or gender that an advertiser is targeting with a commercial message.



The number of times the audience turns over within a given daypart.

    Cume Persons        =   Turnover Factor

    AQH Persons



One commercial message, regardless of length.


Radio Advertising Glossary


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