Blakeney Communications, Inc.
Laurel-Hattiesburg, MS

Traditional+-+White+Logo+BorderBlakeney Communications Inc. is the flagship radio group for
Southern Miss
WXRR - Southern Miss football and basketball
WXHB - Lady Eagle basketball
WKZW - Southern Miss baseball

Browse each station’s website for more information.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Blakeney Communications, Inc. representative regarding advertising, please e-mail us at  sales@pinebeltradio.com or call us at 601-649-0095 or 601-544-0095.

Blakeney Communications, Inc.
 PO Box 6408,  Laurel, MS 39441               601-649-0095     Fax  601-649-8199
PO Box 16596,  Hattiesburg, MS 39404    601-544-0095     Fax 601-545-8199
email: blakeneycommunications@pinebeltradio.com

Traffic email: traffic@pinebeltradio.com
Traffic Fax:  601-649-3829